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Ace American Autos is an American vehicle Dealership, We import and sell some of the coolest American vehicles such as Dodge Challengers, Dodge RAM trucks, Ford Mustangs, Ford F150 trucks, Chevrolet Camaros, Chevrolet C10 trucks and many others, if you are looking to buy Left Hand Drive used or new American vehicle we can help.


We also have the ability to source vehicles at your request to suit all requirements, if you are looking for something in particular or if you have any questions about our vehicles or shipping overseas please don’t hesitate to contact us or call in to our office / showroom in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

more about ACE American Autos

Jordan Walker is a long term Classic & American car enthusiast who locates, imports, prepares and sells everything from American Muscle cars to Pick up Trucks and much more.

We can also carry out full UK lighting conversions and IVA preperation, including getting your import through an M.o.T and registered for you. We deal across the country and can look after your car buying or selling requirements wherever you are located.


some history on the Ford Mustang…

The Shelby Mustang has long been the iconic American Muscle car. When the late Carroll Shelby took what he described as a “secretary’s car” and slotted a V8 engine in it he essentially created the first American Muscle car. Over the years the Shelby brand has been adopted by Ford for example the 2005 Shelby GT500 produced by Ford and in 2015 the Shelby GT350.